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  • Image of DRAGONFLY EARING - 02
  • Image of DRAGONFLY EARING - 02
  • Image of DRAGONFLY EARING - 02
  • Image of DRAGONFLY EARING - 02

A carefully selected piece of driftwood becomes an elegant, light body of a dragonfly – unique, one of a kind.

Ethereal wings, sanded and polished to perfection – in this perfect transparency sea salt crystals shine like little sea diamonds.

Can you feel the Nature?
Do you hear the Sea?

Dorimu Jewelry – your connection with Earth and Sky.

Each piece of Dorimu Jewelry is entirely handmade of carefully selected pieces of driftwood. The wings hold little sea diamonds – sea salt crystals also known as “flor de sal” – and are made of highly transparent and UV resistant epoxy resin which is sanded and polished to reach the maximum transparency. The hooks on the earrings are sterling silver.

Each earring is a unique piece of art with great symbolic value.

Height: 2.3" (6 cm) - from top of hook
Wight: 1.2" (3 cm)

1. You are buying one earring, the one photographed on the ceramic cup. The last photo is just to show how the earring looks when it´s being worn.
2. The Dorimu jewelry is completely handmade and therefore it should be handled with care (a drop on the floor can end with a broken wing).
3. The driftwood is a natural material and is not sealed with varnish. Therefore it will develop a nice patina over time – the more you´ll wear it, the nicer it will look.

The beautiful ceramic mug in the pictures is made by the amazingly talented Dejan Zajec from DAN Clay Design: www.danclaydesign.si